Christos Papadopoulos was born in Munich, Germany in 1981. After obtaining a first class degree in Computer Science from the University of Liverpool, I worked in research with the Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (PRImA) research lab since 2003; first in the University of Liverpool and later in the University of Salford since 2005, where I progressed from Research Assistant to the position of Lecturer in Computer Science. I am currently employed by the University of Liverpool's School of Architecture, working as IT Consultant and Lead Developer for the ArCHIAM center.

My main research interests lie in the area of historical document digitisation and preservation. During my employment at Salford I had been involved in major EU-funded projects and focused on the creation, organisation and ground-truthing of various evaluation datasets. I am especially interested in working with web related technologies and integrating such technologies in my research work. Recently I have developed an interest in the Information Security area and am currently investigating how to contribute in research relating to this field.

In teaching, I have been in charge of the organisation and delivery of modules in various topics, including Programming, Web Development and Information Security and have been involved in the co-supervision of projects ranging from group assignments to final year and masters dissertations.


You can read more about my research on the PRImA website.

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Here you can find details of all my teaching over the years.

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